of consequences
the knowledge
"Any threat. Any location. Protecting humanity no matter how far it takes us."



Lux studied the girl for a moment, before a smile came to her face, and she nodded to the chair across the table, “Of course. Have a seat.” Her eyes glanced around the area, and she noticed there were plenty of empty seats. Why did she choose here?

Izzy mumbled a thank you before moving across the table and letting herself fall on the chair. “I’m Izzy, by the way.” She couldn’t help but say. Social encounters was not her specialty and this occasion was not an exception.

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Lieutenant Marcus

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"It’s my ship I really doubt it very much. She’s the most stable thing in the universe. Have a bit of faith."

"Faith. Right. Gotcha’" She muttered under her breath as she slowly entered through the blue doors of the impossible box. "Not dead yet. That’s a good sign, I suppose."



             Why not? It’s practically safe.”

         ”Practicallybeing the key word…”



Lux sat in a corner of the public library, in the middle of a rather large book. She kept her head down until a shadow was cast across the pages, which was when she looked up to see someone in front of her.

Isabella’s gaze found the girl sitting in the corner with a large book open in front of her. Her profile matched; she had to be the one. Approaching hesitantly, she said, “May I join you?”

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"Why not?" He asked. "There is nothing to be scared of."

She blinked. “Nothing to be scared— ?! You’ve got to be joking. This is the most unstable thing I’ve ever seen. Could easily rip apart the second we get on it.”

          “You.” Isabella breathed, her eyes fixed on the young woman standing right in front of her. "This is not possible.” She found herself whispering as she continued to stare, unblinking, without accusation but with a hint of curiosity.

          The young scientist was familiar with the tragedy that was Amelia Pond’s Story. And death. She was dead. She was suppose to be dead. Or so the universe thought.

Smut Sentence Starters


★ This cock isn’t going to suck itself, you know?

★ Can you hand me a towel? I’m a little wet.

★ You want to have sex here? What if someone catches us?

★ Let me show you why we should stay in bed.

★ I see you started without me.

★ It seems I forgot to wear any underwear tonight.

★ Hate me all you want. You can’t deny how good the sex is.

★ Wanna taste?

★ You look tense. Let me help you relax.

★ Less talking. More fucking.

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         ”Okay. There’s no way I’m 
          getting inside that thing.