"One day bunnies will take over the world, it’s a proven fact."


"How can it be a proven fact when it is still yet to happen?"

        I need a distraction.

Down the Rabbit Hole

          The air was cold. Juliet couldn’t help but think of that when she woke. She wondered why the air was so cold, it didn’t smell familiar either. Her eyes fluttered open and she quickly sat up which she shouldn’t have done because her skull felt as if it was about to burst open. The snap pain ebbed away and was replaced by a more permenant throbbing one.

         That was when she realized she was not in her own bed. In fact, she had no idea where she was.


An Unexpected Encounter || Dean & Juliet

        The young sat alone in the motel room where she had been staying for the past week. The truth was Juliet had always had a thing for the States and being there for the first time, even though it was only for a few weeks and the sole reason she was there was work, felt good.

      With a book in one hand and a cup of coffee in other, she leaned back in her seat, making herself comfortable. She was just about to take her first sip when she heart an impatient knock on the door. Putting the book and the cup on the table she got up and opened the door, only to face a well dressed stranger who seemed awful lot like a federal officer. But that couldn’t be it, right?

      “Uh, hello.” The brunette greeted. “Can I… uh, can I help you?”



❝ Hmm sweetheart, that doesn’t look good ❞

"And what is it to you?"

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ooc; Guys. Seriously. I’m bored out of my mind . So….. Like for a random starter? Especially if we haven’t RPed yet. But anyone is welcome, of course.


       ”Yeah, yeah, I do.” He smirked slightly, quickly raising his hands in surrender. She flinched at this touch, which showed she was still a little untrusting. But no so much given the fact she actually followed behind him. 

          He glanced at her over his shoulder when she chuckled, eyes narrowing. Laughing wasn’t usually the first reaction people had when he gave them his name. This one was different. His head snapped around to her when she spoke again. “A proper name? What’s that supposed to mean?——Why can’t the Captain be a proper name?”

        “Because…” Juliet began and shrugged a little when she couldn’t find the words to explain. It was an odd question after all. Most people wouldn’t have questioned why the Captain wasn’t a proper name. Then again, he wasn’t most people. “Just… because.”

       ”It’s a title.” She said after a short pause. “It’s not a name, it is a title. A rank.” Lowering her voice, she spoke again. “Did your parents actually named you Captain? I don’t think so. Still if you wish me to call you the Captain, it’s alright. But it also does say a lot about your personality. I guess.” Another pause. “I’m blabbing, aren’t I? I tend to do that when I’m nervous.”


He paused. Alex didn’t think he’d heard that one before; usually people assumed he meant wild animals, like an extreme pest control, but not this woman. “Eh… Not specifically, but I can get a few calls in for Bounty Hunter work. Why’d you think I meant people?”

"I don’t know." She shrugged and grinned, despite herself. "I’ve encountered some people who did. Killing people, thinking they’re heroes." Her smile faded as she uttered the last words. "So what did you mean, if not people? If you were just hunting animal you wouldn’t have said dangerous things. So not animals, not people… what then?"


"I am not one for patience.

Tell me. Now

"The Doctor." Juliet blurted. "Bet you heard that name before."

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  “Did you— Did you just do that?” 

"Well, the computer did the most of it but… I suppose so, yes."



"Oh right? 
Do pray tell”

"Oh, I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you. Just wait and you’ll see for yourself."


        “Okay, so there’s five super fast, super strong people that look like humans, but aren’t. Sounds easy.” His tone was sarcastic, and he dug his hands in his pockets, clutching onto his blaster. His eyes moved back to her as she spoke, one eyebrow arching upwards. “Are you trying to tell me your murderer of a psychopath or something worse?” He shook his head, gently grabbing her hand as he pulled her along with him. “I don’t know, but I just feel like you’re not one of those things. As for who I am, I’m the Captain, just a simple passer by, no more no less.”

       With a slight frown, she rolled her eyes. “Oh, you know what I mean.” Feeling his touch on her skin, she flinched slightly but didn’t utter a word about it as she quickly followed her new found companion from behind.

         ”The Captain?” She let out a chuckle despite herself. There was something different about the man. Maybe it was the way he spoke as if this was a mundane event for him, or maybe it was the hint of sarcasm in his voice that made her feel somewhat at ease around him but Juliet could tell he was no ordinary man. “Really? You call yourself the Captain? Don’t you have a proper name?”



"You can’t keep me in a cell forever…"

"No. You’re right. We can’t but I know someone who can."

❝ Not all love is gentle. Sometimes it’s gritty and dirty and possessive, sometimes it’s not supposed to be careful or soft at all. Sometimes it feels like teeth. ❞

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